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This community was created to discuss up-coming Ritual Filth events, music, artists, nightlife, clubbing, and to meet more people from the ever-growing Goth / Industrial scene.

RITUAL FILTH is a concept. An amalgam of theories and conceptual thoughts brought together in an atmosphere of focus. opinions and circumstantial evidence. cries of anarchy and rebellion. political dissatisfaction, dark tidings in the form of prose, poetry, and songs, as well as struggling and vagabond artists are all welcome here.

RITUAL FILTH has hosted several events including SALVATION (an underground Gothic / Industrial club event that gives exposure to underground musicians, dancers, artists, models, photographers, and vendors.)

Or for more info contact:

Eric Delord: ericdelord@ritualfilth.org
Zenadrine: zenadrine@ritualfilth.org

Visit Ritual Filth on the web: www.ritualfilth.com

Event website: Exposure .4

Add Ritual Filth on Myspace: Ritual Filth Myspace

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EXPOSURE .4 - May 6th - QXT's!

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If you have any questions, take them to rising_phoenixx, or ericdelord.